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Thursday, April 15, 2021

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My name is Claude Petitpas, owner/ operator of CORE Computing, your local computer geek/guru.

I have spent four years in college studying Internet Programming and Information Technology. I have six years experience working directly in the industry. I am A+ certified, Network+ certified, Microsoft Certified Professional, Windows Server 2003 certified, knowledgeable in SQL and Relational Database Management, Linux, Graphic Design, Web Development and publishing, Excel programming, Network Infrastructures, Security, data retrieval, virus and malware removal, Novell, and bring a total of over 12 years experience.

No one can know everything there is to know about computers and I certainly would never make that claim. However, I do consider myself quite knowledgable whenever dealing with computer related problems. Maybe I’m just too persistent or tenacious, or maybe I just don’t like losing to a machine. Either way, I always welcome a challenge and have yet to meet my match.

So after years of fixing and building friends, family and my own computers I’ve finally decided to go into business for myself. I have a workshop at home with everything I need to get to the bottom of any issue your computer may have. I have strong work ethics, a logical and analytical approach and offer a very competitive price.

All of my past and present customers, many of whom are return customers, have yet to walk away without feeling confident that they were well taken care of and charged a fair price. I keep my customers apprised of their situation and whenever possible, offer alternative solutions that may save them money. In business, your word and reputation is gold and I stand by both.

My wife Karen and I are looking forward to serving you and the community at large along the way whether in business or at home. We offer our services here in Daoktown, New Brunswick and extend our help within approximately a 30km radius.

Located at 108 Hazelton Road, Doaktown, New Brunswick, Canada

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